Baby steps

Got mongodb installed and a json export from ams. Had to fuss with line endings, settled on \n. Some tips:

  • sudo mkdir -p /data/db;   sudo chown mel /data/db

  • sudo /mongodb/bin/mongod –directoryperdb –dbpath /mongodb/data/db –logpath /mongodb/log/mongo.log –logappend –rest  /*maybe –install*/

  • ./mongod from inside the bin dir, need to fix path

  • ./mongo for db shell

Then when crazy using the ./mongoimport –file ~/Desktop/JobSpecs170426_1620.json –collection jobspecs –db aes because I used –aesdb instead of –aes, so when doing the queries got nothing, dah. Easy to figure out after taking a long break, got my head in a tight loop.

Using the database shell, mongo, the unindexed searches were lighting fast, true its a tiny data set. Hope to have time for some queries into the sub docs tomorrow.

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