Welcome! Please pardon the dust, just moved in.


Just a guy that really likes coding, especially using new tools. The day job is spent keeping Arkay Packaging’s ERP system purring using the 4D environment and reacting to customers’ latest demands. Night is time to kick back with Node.js, Mongo, and Express.


Rudimentary api

Focus returns to server side. To make it easier nodemon was installed a dev dependency with npm install nodemon –save-dev and the start script in package.json has a “start”:”nodemon -w server.js server.js”, added so that changes to server.js restart node. After that housekeeping, the data was moved to an array in server.js and a route …

First React form

Handling a web form with React is very elegant. The deceivingly tricky part is handling the ‘state’ at a parent level, letting the child change it only with a call back. So ‘props’ can go down the chain, not up. “The props are immutable, whereas state is not. Typically state variables are passed down to child …


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